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  • All agendas must include "All glory to the hypnotoad" (adopted 2/4. 8 yea 2 nay)
  • Meetings will be held every other week on Friday at 10:00am during Fall and Spring semesters, unless holidays force a rescheduling. (adopted 9/24. 10 yea 2 abstain. proposed by Ted)
  • Quorum shall consist of 6 members of the CSGSA, including 2 officers. (adopted 9/24. 9 yea 3 abstain. proposed by Nick)


(adopted 2/4. 10 yea)

Elected Positions[edit]

  • Officers will be elected in the spring for the next school year.
  • The elected positions are President, Vice President, and Grad Colloquium Coordinator.
  • Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the President in the fall.


  • Nominations for positions are open from the end of spring break until the last meeting in April. Nominations will be sent to the secretary.
  • Nominations must be accepted by the nominee in order for their name to appear on the ballot.

Election Procedure[edit]

  • Elections shall be announced at least two weeks in advance. If regular elections are not announced on or before the second-to-last meeting in April, elections will be held on the last meeting in April.
  • The secretary is responsible for determining when the polls are open, and how ballots will be accepted.
  • Elections shall be conducted using Ranked Choice Voting.
  • Ballots will then be counted by the secretary, and winners will be announced.
  • Ties shall be resolved using an appropriate random process such as a coin flip, die roll or random number generator.
  • Ballots shall be made public after all are counted.
  • Only votes that are cast for nominated candidates will count.



  • All official CSGSA documents must be on the wiki and/or written in crayon.
  • EE/CS (Keller hall) shall be referred to as "Borat Hall" in all CSGSA documents.