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Committees and Representatives

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CS Department Committees[edit]

Computing & Web Committee[edit]

Representative: Mike Schliep
Faculty Chair: Gary Meyer

More to come

Curriculum Committee[edit]

Representative: (on hold)
Faculty Chair: Gopalan Nadathur

More to come

Faculty Recruiting[edit]

Representative: (on hold)
Faculty Chair: Loren Terveen

The faculty recruiting representative is typically Ph.D. student fairly far along the Ph.D. path. More details about the duties and benefits are on the Faculty Recruiting page.

Grad Colloquium Facilitator[edit]

Facilitator: (on hold)
Faculty Sponsor: Loren Terveen

Graduate Student Colloquium is a one credit course intended to facilitate a nonchalant yet moderately structured environment in which graduate students will present their research topics/ideas to other graduate students. Faculty members will not be among the audience. This is not because we do not love our advisors and professors, but instead, the goal is to create an environment in which we may learn from our mistakes with the absolute minimum amount of stress. This provides not only a venue to practice scientific public speaking, but also, allows for graduate students to diversify their computer science backgrounds, not to mention network with peers.

The Graduate Facilitator, will introduce all presenters and verify that everyone has submitted an adequate number of meaningful peer feedback forms. Further, the facilitator will anonymize feedback by collecting all feedback for each presenter and forwarding it directly to the presenter. Feedback is always welcomed, anonymous or direct.

External Representatives[edit]

Council of Graduate Students[edit]

Representatives: Kevin Schiroo & Andrew Hall

The Council of Graduate Students (COGS) represents the interests of all graduate students at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. It is our mission to work with the all components of the University community - most specifically the Graduate School and central administration - to make sure the needs of graduate students are known and addressed.<ref></ref>

COGS is an open and democratic organization comprised of graduate students from across the University. COGS provides opportunities for graduate students to participate actively in University administrative and policy-making decisions, as well as social and cultural programming and job training. The backbone of the organization are Department Representatives, composed of students selected by all degree-granting programs at the University. COGS also elects representatives to serve on University-wide committees, on Policy and Review Councils, and in the University Senate. Together, we represent over 10,000 students.

Policy and Review Council (Not selected by CSGSA)[edit]

Representatives: (Spring 2007) Scott Johnson, Andy Exley, Andy Warta

More to come