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Welcome to the home page of the Computer Science Graduate Student Association (CSGSA). The CSGSA was founded to present to the faculty the needs of graduate students in the department, to provide a social organization for computer science graduate students, and to help to build a better computer science department here at the University of Minnesota. If you are a graduate student in the department, you are automatically a member of the CSGSA. No fees! What a deal!

CSGSA meets approximately every other Friday in Keller Hall 2-212. Anyone is welcome to come join! The upcoming meeting agenda will always be listed below.

Goings on[edit]

  • CSGSA Event Google Calender! Has CSGSA meetings, coffee hours, GRaD Seminar, grad lunch, and social events. Add it!
  • Grad lunch time for Fall 2017: Meet outside the grad lounge (2-212) on NOT YET SET.

Next meeting[edit]

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Location: Grad lounge (Keller Hall EE/CS 2-212)


  • All glory to the hypnotoad!
  • Changes to bylaws
  • Committees, get volunteers or solicit grads
  • Grad Lunch, set time or send poll

Contact us[edit]

To contact CSGSA, send email to We would love to hear from you. You must use a * email for it to get through.